We keep our roasting in the family and therefore we roast our own famous beans with our own roasters. Roasting is the be all and end all of the famous bean. We know the region our beans are cultivated. We only use the highest quality of beans and roast them to perfection. Our artisan roasters understand the art of roasting beans in different batches to the same consistency ensuring the same quality our patrons are accustomed to time and again.

Nothing in the world smells better than freshly roasted coffee beans. By freshly, we mean not older than 14 days before it is served. Every bag is individually labelled along with the sell by date before it is shipped, to ensure a superior blend for the consumer to experience the flavour of every famous bean brewed. Patrons develop their own specific coffee taste and as artisans we marvel in roasting especially for the not so faint hearted coffee lovers.



Be honest, as this page opened and the various images of coffee and beans opened in front of you, you instantly felt like a cup of good coffee. Freshly roasted coffee has that alluring power that captivates you and makes you feel complete. You can almost smell the rich aroma of the beans coming through your screen. There is no doubt that the most famous of all the beans in the world, is the coffee bean. With that said, welcome to The Famous Bean Café.

With years of experience within other coffee cafés we decided to combine all of the knowledge of what not to do and then create the ideal coffee café that suits everyone.

Comfortable atmosphere with a subtle decor that focuses on famous surroundings and coffee related topics. Well trained staff that are friendly and eager to make your visit exceptional. The delicious food that is prepared using the finest  and freshest ingredients will leave you with your mouth-watering to try the entire menu. Most importantly, the coffee, the Famous Bean itself that fills the air of every store with its rich aroma.

We offer the ideal place to come and relax and unwind or meet with colleagues or friends. Perhaps sit back and read a book or check your emails. Whatever it might be, you’re welcome. Come and enjoy good food and great coffee.

The Famous Blend

The Famous Blend is a specific selection of 3 origins of green coffee from SOUTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA and AFRICA with each one of these beans bringing a unique offering to the all-round taste profile found in your cup. To be more specific, our SOUTH AMERICAN component brings the dark chocolate, caramel and nut taste to the blend, while the CENTRAL AMERICAN offers up the citrus and berry acidity and the AFRICAN a sweet, floral-infused after taste. The FAMOUS  BLEND is a very versatile combination and can be enjoyed simply as an espresso, espresso-based milk drink plus all other grind derivatives i.e. Filter, French Press or even Turkish.

A Review from a Happy Customer

Here in the midst of a very busy centre, I have had the delight of finding a cozy corner to come work and enjoy what the new Famous Bean Café has to offer..
I was welcomed by the Manager and all staff, found a snug space to get comfortable in, enjoyed a rich brew of cappuccino and was spoiled with a deliciously fresh Avo and Salmon Croissant.
To top it all off, I had the freedom to enjoy Wifi whilst working ,and a good selection of background music from a local radio station favourite.
Big thanks to Kat – my waiter – who made just sitting here so inviting and special. I thoroughly enjoyed your welcoming spirit, good humor and overall friendliness.
It’s clear, the Famous Bean Café is more than just fantastic coffee and food – it’s an overall treat out!
I look forward to being back with friends and enjoying this experience all over again! 😊