5 facts about Christmas….and Coffee

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December 8, 2020
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January 12, 2021

While we are still basking in the glories of divine post-Christmas laziness, here are 5 highly accurate facts about Christmas and Coffee that you might not know…

1. Santa is known to leave coal for naughty children, but when it’s the parents who have been naughty, he stuffs their children’s stockings with thermoses of light roast coffee. Good luck catching those kids on Christmas morning!

2. The Christmas Monster known as Krampus is popularly depicted as Santa’s evil counterpart who goes around punishing naughty children and generally being an all-out disagreeable grouch. The truth is, Krampus isn’t just a crabby creature of lore, the spirit of Krampus is alive and well in all the people who run out of coffee over the holiday weekend when all the stores are closed!

3. At the North Pole, elves are strictly forbidden from drinking coffee. Santa’s helpers are such high-speed workers that they run the risk of spontaneous combustion!

4. On the other hand, Reindeer are given an especially strong brew of coffee on Christmas Eve. Legend says it’s the magic ingredient that helps them fly.

5. Contrary to popular belief, Santa doesn’t simply drink every cup of milk left out for him on Christmas Eve. He pours them into his barrel sized thermos of coffee – how else is he supposed to make it through the night?

Who knew coffee was such a magical part of Christmas? …


Have a merry Monday everybody!