5 Reasons to Love Winter

Rise and Grind
April 28, 2021
Café style coffees to try at home
May 11, 2021

1. Getting Cosy

As soon as that gentle chill in the air turns into biting cold you know winter has officially arrived! However, the cold weather is a perfectly fun (and practical) excuse to switch to a winter wardrobe. Personally, I love wrapping up in thick scarves, woolly hats and knitted socks, and of course the big, cosy, completely over-stretched jersey!

2. Long soaks in a hot bubble bath

Never underestimate the power of a good long soak in the bath, whether it’s to warm up after being in the chilly outdoors, to relax sore, aching muscles, or to just destress at the end of a long day. Add your favourite bubbles, aromatherapy oils or even a fun bath bomb, lie back and enjoy!

3. Warm Hearty Meals

When it comes to Winter meals, we want comfort food! Am I right? Unapologetically stodgy food! Pastas, Raviolis, Hearty Winter soups and Bread and Butter Pudding…..like a hug in a bowl to soothe the soul!

4. Shop from home

Who doesn’t want to stay indoors and have everything from food to a massage delivered directly to your door?  Buy goods or services over the Internet using your web browser or a mobile app.


The chill can get right into your bones leaving you unable to warm up all day. However, a hot cup of coffee can heat up your body, protecting it from the elements. Your commute to work will be so much more enjoyable with a mug of coffee warming your cold hands. Visit any one of our Famous Bean outlets for a tasty toasty cup of your favourite brew!