5 natural alternatives to coffee to keep you energized throughout the day

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October 13, 2020
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October 26, 2020

We all need our caffeine fix in the early mornings, and what better way than to savour a hot cup of strong coffee! Coffee consumption instantly energizes your body and mind, thanks to the amazing anti-oxidants present in the unroasted , as well as the roasted coffee bean. But despite a long list of the healthy benefits of drinking coffee, one must be careful of overindulging. Excessive coffee consumption can cause some unpleasant side effects which may include irritability, headache, insomnia, frequent urination, restlessness, stomach upset, nervousness and muscle tremors, among others. One should limit one’s coffee intake to 2-3 cups a day.

If you have consumed your 3 cups for the day, but perhaps require a little reboot for your afternoon workday, consider the following coffee alternatives that promise to keep you energized and wide awake:

  1. WATER Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism working optimally and will keep you energized throughout the day
  2. APPLE JUICE Natural sugars and vitamins in apples will keep you wide awake. Chomp away on a whole fruit or drink diluted apple juice to fight away sleepiness and drowsiness.
  3. GREEN TEA  contains less caffeine than coffee or black tea. Sip green tea throughout the day without adding and stay wide awake without feeling lethargic.
  4. DARK CHOCOLATE This yummy treat not only drives up your energy just as much as coffee, but also aids your digestive system and improves brain function and growth. Also, dark chocolate contains a lesser amount of caffeine and is proven to stimulate mental alertness.
  5. MATCHA has powerful antioxidants that are responsible for boosting energy. L-Theanine is a natural calming agent that works with the caffeine to provide a happy energy throughout the day.

Have a wonderfully energized day!!