Famous Bean Coffee Cafes


To entrench a truly African American coffee bean culture Coffee Shop.  With a look and feel for the coffee

Lover that can transcend borders, through its taste and aroma.


By growing the brand through establishing Franchisees where they can prosper in Business Parks, Malls, Strip Malls,

Hospitals and stand alone coffee units (Espresso Bars, and coffee carts)

Shops Types Available (55 sq – 190 sq)

Trailors R290 000
Famous Bean on the Go R690 000
Famous Bean Light R1 200 000
Famous Bean Medium R1 600 000
Famous Bean Dark R1 800 000

So what is it that makes Famous Bean Cafés so unique and special to the many other coffee establishments. Our coffee cafés offer all patrons a professional yet intimate ambiance along with a sense of homeliness. Whether you simply wish to sit back and read a book sipping on a latte, or meet with clients for breakfast or a friend for lunch, the Famous Bean Café offers the ideal venue for all coffee shop lovers to enjoy. Serving mouth-watering food and delicious cakes and biscuits, prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients for the perfect taste and satisfaction you expect.

Most importantly and what makes the Famous Bean Café so special is the rich aroma, flavour filled coffee that allows you to enjoy one of life’s finest gifts. We take our coffee just seriously enough to ensure that each and every cup is of the finest quality that you will find yourself visiting our cafés more and more regularly to smell and taste pure happiness. For many there is nothing more important than a good cup of coffee to start the day and we have ensured the perfect place for you to do just that.

A rustic ambience sets the mood in every Famous Bean Café along with a sophisticated style of professionalism to ensure the ideal destination for all walks of life. From the mother taking a deserved break while the kids are at school to the young professional checking their emails the Famous Bean Café is perfect spot to recharge or simply unwind. The decor carefully selected to help compliment the setting, with wall art you will find yourself enjoying along with your freshly brewed cup of coffee detailing historical facts about coffee and the local town the café are situated in.

With years of combined coffee café experience, many hours have been spent  ensuring every detail has been adhered to, producing the finest artisan coffee café establishment for all to enjoy. A personal space to lose yourself in a book or the perfect venue for a group function.

To make your visit even more special we ensure the staff make you feel as though your are part of the Famous Bean family.