I love a cup of coffee

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November 17, 2020
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November 30, 2020

With Summer taking it's time to arrive, and some gloomy and rainy days still on the cards, what better way than to spend this time with a good book (or 2) and a delicious cup of your favourite brew. In the spirit of books, the written word, and cosy days at home, here's a little ditty to inspire you .......


by Jennifer Bates

I love a cup of coffee
I like a brew or two
A mocha or a latte
Either one will do

I love a cup of coffee
A cappuccino hits the spot
Sprinkle it with chocolate
And serve it piping hot

I love a cup of coffee
A short black, or a long
Just push that little button
And make it nice and strong

I love a cup of coffee
Espresso or flat white
And don't add any sugar
The taste is always right

I love a cup of coffee
A macchiato is just fine
I'd rather have a coffee
Than have a glass of wine

I love that little coffee bean
Dark or mild or light
No matter what the time of day
Morning, noon or night

So if I haven't made it clear
I'll say it one more time
I love a cup of coffee
Is it your shout or is it mine

...... Have a great day!!