Reset Your Biological Clock with your Diet

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November 4, 2020
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November 17, 2020

If you want to reset your biological clock, try eating at a different time of day.

New research suggests that shifting your meal time can also shift your body’s internal clock, meaning that recovering from jet lag or adjusting to a shift-work schedule, and even losing weight might be easier if you also adjust your meal times.

The body’s biological clock, or circadian rhythm, is controlled deep in the brain. But other “clocks” are found throughout the body. Molecules in the cells respond to signals from the brain to help control certain metabolic functions in those cells’ region of body. For example, messages from the liver and pancreas are involved in controlling rises and falls in blood sugar levels. If these messages fall out of sync with the brain, it can result in problems with one’s metabolism.

Researchers know that exposure to light in the morning and the use of melatonin supplements can help the brain ‘wake up’. But light and melatonin probably have little direct effect on the metabolic rhythms of the body. In other words, although a person may nudge his or her brain awake by getting exposure to light at the right time, this does not mean that the body will catch up right away.

The body’s clocks that control blood sugar levels influence how much sugar is taken from the blood and how much is released back into the blood. The way the body processes a meal varies over the day. For example, when a person eats at night, blood sugar levels rise higher and stay elevated for longer compared with how blood sugar levels respond to a meal eaten earlier in the day. Changing the time of day that a person eats can shift the circadian rhythm of blood sugar levels. The new findings suggest that to adjust your biological clock, you can add appropriately timed meals to your daily regimen.

Your doctor , nutritionist or appropriate health professional can guide you in the right direction toward healthy brain-body relations, which will assist you in syncing your own circadian rhythm and in turn your metabolism.


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