Today is Carrot Cake Day!

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February 1, 2021
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February 10, 2021

Yes, it is an actual thing: Carrot Cake Day … what a happy day!

The History of Carrot Cake Day

Carrot cake evolved out of the Medieval favourite called carrot pudding. Through times in history when access to sugar was non-existent or very hard to come by, people were forced to use sweet vegetables to sweeten their food. This was seen as recently as World War II, when the government of Britain needed to ration food and luxury items such as sugar. During the war, the Ministry of Food in Britain encouraged people to try many different recipes that used carrots as a sweetener. They suggested carrot cakes, carrot puddings, and carrot filled pies!

How to celebrate Carrot Cake Day

To celebrate Carrot Cake Day, you can pay a visit to your local Famous Bean, or get into the kitchen and whip it up yourself. Whether it be a slice or the whole cake, you can indulge without guilt! It’s carrot cake day after all!