Tuesday 1st March 2022 – National Barista Day!

6 healthy reasons to indulge your coffee cravings
January 31, 2022

Coffee has become a truly central part of all our lives. We start every morning with a fresh brew to help us brush away the cobwebs, focus, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

The History of National Barista Day

In 1938, the first record of the use of the word “barista” was made in Italy. Here, the word is used for a ‘bartender’ relating to alcohol, coffee or any other drinks . In America, the word barista is only used in relation to coffee.

In appreciation of baristas everywhere, Almond Breeze – the alternative milk manufacturer – has now launched National Barista Day. This is an event which the company says will celebrate the people behind the beans and coffee machines that keeps us all energized.

Almond Breeze wants to use the day to not only say a big thank you to all of the people who grow, process, deliver and prepare coffee drinks

National Barista Day is a chance to make that hard work known so that people can celebrate it!

How to celebrate National Barista Day


  • Celebrate the baristas who work at your local by buying and enjoying one of their freshly prepared coffee drinks.
  • Bring a friend or family member along and make it a coffee party
  • Give a generous tip – your favourite barista will be blown away
  • Let your barista choose your coffee – since they’re the experts, why not let them do what they’re great at? And give them a shout out on social media if you love your drink!

The baristas at Famous Bean are waiting for your orders. See you there!