Why coffee should be your go-to Winter beverage

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June 21, 2021
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August 6, 2021

As the days and nights get colder and colder, it is clear that winter is here – good and proper! Dig out those thick knitted jerseys, woolly blankets, comfort food recipes, and warm, comforting drinks. We believe that hand-roasted coffee truly is the superior winter drink and should become your treasured companion throughout the colder months. Here’s why :

1. Stave off the winter chill

Wet weather and for some, even snow are part of winter and they can make journeying outside miserable – the chill can get right into your bones leaving you unable to warm up all day. However, a hot cup of coffee can warm your body, and improve circulation, protecting it from the elements.

2. Get some energy for the work deadlines

Lockdowns and working from home do not necessarily diminish hectic work deadlines. Coffee is a necessity, and caffeine enhances firing of neurons in the brain, having a stimulating effect and allowing you to plough through your workload quickly and efficiently.

3. Experiment with mochas

If hot chocolate is your go-to in Winter, why not shake it up this year by adding a shot of coffee? Mochas truly are delicious, with the bitterness of the coffee cutting through the overpowering sweetness of the hot chocolate. There are so many mocha recipes for you to experiment with, so search for one that speaks to you.

4. Fight off the winter colds

Coughs and sneezes are all too common in winter, as your body tries to fight off winter colds and viruses. However, did you know that coffee is actually really good for your health? It contains a whole host of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin B2 and B5 that will help to keep you strong and healthy.